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Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Profile

Aishwarya Rai Profile

Name :                       Aishwarya Rai

Nick Name :                Aishu, Ash, Gullu

Address :                    402, Ramlakshmi Nowas, 16th Road, Near 

Date of Birth :             1st November, 1973

Birth Place :                 Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Star Sign :                   Scorpio

Height :                       5’7”

Eye Color :                  Gray Green

Father Name :             Krishnaraj Rai

Mother Name :            Vrinda Rai

Brother Name :            Aditya Rai

School Day :                Arya Vidya Mandir, Santacruz, Mumbai

Collage Day :               DG Ruparel Collage

Languages Know :       Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada

Languages Worked :    Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada

Profession :                 Bollywood Model, Actress

First Movie :                Iruvar, (In Tamil 1997)

Nationality :                 Indian

Awards : Miss Word 1994, Most Photogenic Face, Sexiest Indian Women, Best Actress of 1999

          Aishwarya Rai's striking beauty might make her seem an obvious fit as a model, but the truth is that India's 1994 Miss World winner originally took up modeling as a part-time job to get her through school. She was studying to be an architect, but due to her obvious talent on-stage and in front of the camera, following it up that same year with ...Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya. They both earned her critical praise and the latter brought her a Best Female Debutante Award. More awards would follow, including Best Actress by Filmfare and Zee Cine for 2000s straight from the Heart. As the actress put more and more films under her belt, her position as India's darling cemented. Best actress miss world is a best film abhinetri. The Bollywood/ Bollywood  crossover hit Bride and Prejudice reworked Jane Austen's classic love story Pride and Prejudice with the Bollywood film style, bringing together Eastern and Western actors, as well as themes. 

          The film proved to be yet another successful example in Rai's history of helping to bring India's culture and film into the world spotlight, delighting fans all over the globe. Having sampled Hollywood, Rai was now ready to make a serious foray into American films. She signed on to star with Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley in 2007's historical epic The Last Legion as well as French director Coline Serreau's remake of her 2001 film Chaos, which would cast Rai alongside Meryl Streep.  By this time, Rai's success as an actress unwilling to compromise her love and devotion to her national background had made her the highest paid actress in Bollywood history.

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